Chien Fumant

Chien Fumant

Chef Maksim Morin

Maksim Morin grew up surrounded by good food. He owes his passion for the culinary arts to his father, the executive chef at Mirabel airport. After graduating from École hôtelière de Laval, Maksim honed his culinary chops at such renowned Montreal eateries as Decca77, Area, Aszu, Joe Beef, Liverpool House, and McKiernan. He quickly made a name for himself in the kitchen and swore that one day, he would open a restaurant all his own. A restaurant where he’d set the menu, and where he could bring his flamboyant ideas that always pan out.

Maksim’s signature dishes are a tasty blend of local products and international flavours. His imagination—and stove—is brimming with creativity! And he’s clearly in his element in the kitchen. Maksim loves Montreal. He takes a distinct pleasure in seeking out unpretentious little shops in neighbourhoods across the city, stocking up on provisions at modest Korean markets and out-of-the-way bodegas. He’s curious, loves trying new things, and adores working on new menus. In a word: he’s passionate. And it shows!

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An ever-evolving menu

Every trip Maksim makes is a source of inspiration. The offerings on Le Chien Fumant’s blackboard are infused with flavours from his culinary discoveries and each bite transports you somewhere new. Maksim is known for his multi-textured recipes that creatively fuse unexpected ingredients.

On tonight’s menu: a custom cocktail, dishes showcasing seasonal produce, a bottle of private-import wine, and a little something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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4710, De Lanaudière Montréal, QC H2J3P7


Tuesday to Saturday 6 p.m. to 12 a.m.

4710, rue De Lanaudière Montréal, QC H2J 3P7


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*Cancellation without fee if done before midnight the day before the reservation. If a reservation is cancelled after this time, a fee of $30 per person will be charged, and returned as a valid Chien Fumant gift certificate valued at $30. Cancellation fees are charged only for a complete cancellation, and not if the number of reserved places decreases. Cancellation fees will also be charged if, on the day of the reservation, the reservation is transferred to later date (transfers must be done before midnight the day before the reservation).

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