• Chinatown calamari
  • Korean beef tartar
  • Pork belly donair
  • Ultimate spring rolls, beef, chicken, «foie gras» & peanut sauce
  • Rapini salad, buckwheat, lemon & poached egg
  • Fennel, salmon, bagel topping «everything bagel» & crème fraîche
  • Confit white tuna, green olives & mayonnaise
  • Brioche & compound butter

Tuesdays and Wednesdays
5 dishes for 2 persons
3 services * $30 per person


  • Cotechino tortellini, «au jus» & diced green beans
  • Ricotta raviolis, langoustines & «aurore» sauce
  • Orecchiette, gorgonzola, hubbard squash & pear confit



  • White fish & Italian wedding garnish
  • New York steak, Provençale tomatoes with its skirt, potatoes & bearnaise
  • Balsamic braised lamb shank, turnip, & pickled pearled onions
  • Beef short ribs, «garniture bourguignonne» & carrots «purée»
  • Pork fillet, focaccia, chimichurri, eggplant ragù
  • Veal chop «à la milanaise»
  • Roasted cornish hen, pierogi, Brussel Sprouts & sour cream
  • Rib steak for 2 people


  • «Mignardises»
  • Apple flan & «Shreddies»
  • Pumpkin glazed eclair
  • Chocolate prune tarte & hazelnut


  • «Mignardises»
  • Apple flan & «Shreddies»
  • Pumpkin glazed eclair
  • Chocolate prune tarte & hazelnut


Our Sunday favorites* :

  • Common breakfast
  • Steak’n’egg
  • Pork belly Donair
  • Hashbrown and ranch
  • Homemade Nutella brioche
  • Mimosa (all you can drink) $20/person

*Visit us to see the full brunch menu, which is subject to change at the whim of our chef.

4710, De Lanaudière
Montréal, QC


Tuesday to Sunday 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Sunday brunch: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

4710, rue De Lanaudière Montréal, QC H2J 3P7


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*Cancellation without fee if done before midnight the day before the reservation. If a reservation is cancelled after this time, a fee of $30 per person will be charged, and returned as a valid Chien Fumant gift certificate valued at $30. Cancellation fees are charged only for a complete cancellation, and not if the number of reserved places decreases. Cancellation fees will also be charged if, on the day of the reservation, the reservation is transferred to later date (transfers must be done before midnight the day before the reservation).

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